My own levels and modifications of different types for various games, Check below :

DOOM ( I / II )

  • Hell : This was my very first level for Classic DOOM, I made it years ago so i don’t remember how it looked like but i’m sure it was a very crappy with only 1 big sectore and 3 Textures for floor,ceilling and walls . (Download)
  • Infected Labs : a DOOM 2 Level i made last year for “Doomworld Mega Project 2014” as i was getting better in mapping  it’s still not the best, But definitely nice compare to every level i made before it (Download)
  • Death Awaits : My Contribution to Doomworld Mega Project “2015”, mainly in UDMF Format which means the level will work exclusively for ZDoom and ports based on it, Much better layout and Gameplay compared to my previous levels (Download)
  • Underwater Labyrinth : My Contribution to Doomworld Mega Project “2016”, An Underwater level inspired by Labyrinth Zone level from Sonic the Hedgehog, Level format is UDMF so it’s only going to work with ZDoom and it’s child ports (Download)
  • Sonic DOOM 2 Deathmatch : My incomplete Deathmatch levelpack for “Zandronum” Sourceport of DOOM, featuring Sonic as a Playable character, new textures,levels … etc (Download)
  • ZBloodyHell : Previously known as BetterZBlood, a Modification i worked on to spare time, based on ZBloodX, It improves the mod by Balancing Nearly everything (Monsters damage, Speed, Behavior , Player weapons… etc), It also Includes more levels and Organized Mapset … etc (Download)
  • zSRB2 : my recreation of Sonic Robo Blast 2 on the Zandronum engine, the goal for v1 was to recreate the Multiplayer portion of the game, It currently features 3 New Game Modes, Match, a new type CTF and Race (Download)

Action DOOM II : Urban Brawl

  • Multiplayer Mod : This is something i worked on for a while, It started as a Simple Zandronum project with over hundereds of bugs, It’s not finished yet, I’m not sure if i’m going to continue working on this, Regardless it should be playable (Download) .
  • Last Man Standing : Trapped in Island with no way out, But you’re not alone, Scuba steves are everywhere, Fight them like Hell ! 10 Waves fun map (Download).
  • Action Time – Beat ’em up: Took me some time to capture the feel of the original game, Comic feel, Cel shaded, and fun to play with few secrets hidden there (Download).


  • DOOM 3 v1.3.1 Fixed Patch : I made this to make Patching Doom 3 to latest version easier for CD-Retail version owners, because the Official v1.3.1 Required more steps to get it working, with my Fixed Patch you can immediately Patch it to v1.3.1 without additional steps (Download)

Sonic Robo Blast 2

  • Mine Maze Remake : A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Originally submitted for an SRB2 Community Project back in 2016, It has been extended with 2 Additional acts (Download)
  • Icy Mountain : A Snow-themed level (Download).
  • Sandopolis (X-Treme Styled) : Western-themed level featuring Sonic X-Treme styled camera and Controls (Download).
  • Genocide City : Inspired by Sonic 2 Scrapped level, Featuring Underground section (Download).
  • Sunny Coast : Early mapping attempt, Still getting my hands on SRB2 Mapping (Download).

Megaman 8Bit Deathmatch

  • Megadventure : My MM8BDM Co-op levelpack contains different fun Co-op levels of continuous Jumping and Key seeking, Inspired by Lobstacle Course and Jump Maze, and Featuring an all new Winner announcer (Download)


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